2nd DUI consequence

If you are reading this article it means that you have undergone second DUI Conviction and that you have had experience with the legal proceedings of the first conviction. But this will not help you in any way since the way in which the law enforcers will be dealing with you this time is going to be entirely different and is going to provide you with even more experience. You will have to undergo the traumatic effects of second dui consequences.

Second DUI Consequences effectsSince DUI for the second time is considered to be an act of felony you are sure to be considered as a serious criminal and the feds will open a new file to track your criminal records. This is sure to affect the rest of your life adversely. 2nd dui consequences will tamper your development both personally and at the career level. It will be hard to get a new job with a criminal record. When your employer runs a check on your background he is sure to come across these records and he will likely reject your application even if you are highly skilled and qualified to do the job for him.

Suspension of driver’s license is sure to take place which will make traveling to your office difficult as you will have to depend on somebody else to drive you to the place or you have to depend on public transport which may not be available when you want it. You will lose a lot of time at DUI School and also about a month because you will have to spend some time at prison.

2nd DUI Insurance Consequences

Being imposed with 2nd DUI charges can affect you badly in many ways. Apart from the legal proceedings you will also face various issues with the insurance of your vehicle. The company can peak the insurance premiums because they know that they there is a high probability of your vehicle being involved in a car accident because of your habit.

There is a probability that they may discontinue the insurance with you and thus you will have to look for a new insurer which is also difficult in light of the criminal record. You will not have to face these consequences if you are able to keep the incident away from the company but most DUI cases get exposed when insurance companies take up yearly DUI investigations.