2nd DUI arrest and Felony

If you encounter Second DUI arrest, you are in for the worst. Keep in mind that you will go up in the list of feds once you are caught for the second time since it is considered to be an act of felony. The court will never be light on you even there are not enough evidences because the number of DUI Felony cases is on a rampant rise. Thus you have to avoid being arrested for a second DUI.  In case you get caught the following tips will help you.

Jail term for second DUI

Second DUI Jail term is sure to be longer than the first and it is very hard to evade this penalty. The jail term will vary depending on the state where you were convicted. Some states are very harsh with jail terms and you may even have to spend months in jail. The following list gives you the minimum jail term when as a part of 2nd DUI Punishment.

  • California-Minimum term of 96 hours which can be extended to 10 days
  • Orange County-Ninety days to One year
  • Virginia- Minimum of 20 days
  • Tennessee- 45 days which can go up to 11 months
  • Florida- Minimum of 10 days
  • Texas- Minimum of 30 days
  • Arizona- Minimum of 10 days which can be extended to 30 days.
  • Massachusetts- Minimum of 60 days

The minimum jail term has to be served by everyone who is proved guilty of second DUI. The term can be increased by the court after considering the circumstances and previous criminal records if any. If the incident involved accidents you are sure to get a long jail term.

Prevent getting a jail term

Avoiding jail term for 2nd DUI Felony is never easy but not impossible. The first step is to get hold of the best attorney in town who has good reputation among regular DUI convicts. The attorney will know the full well and can bend it against the court to get you out of jail without much hassle. There is no assurance that you will get out of jail but it is a good try and there is a good probability that the jail term may be reduced to a small period due to the skill of the attorney. If you have any notion of staying out of jail it is best that you do to refuse to get medically examined for determining BAC (Blood Alcoholic Content).